Gelato represents one of the most famous and successful Italian histories worldwide. The art of making gelato in Italy has been a family business for a long time, indicative of great passion and creativity handed down from father to son.
By the early 1950’s the industry spotted this market and decided to enter this business.
In order to call attention to their products, they brought in some important innovations, among them the most peculiar was the so called “walking ice cream” a milk based ice cream coated with chocolate whose distinctive feature was to be on a stick.
It turned out to be an instant success; even though true artisan gelato was something else  in taste and quality.
The ice cream industry and artisan gelato developed their own successful history in the following years.
It took another 50 years to get to a new, revolutionary innovation based on a carefully considerated but simple idea: what about putting freshly made artisan gelato on a stick?

Thanks to technology and Italian creativity, in 2009 was launched Stickhouse franchising, an innovative project that allows any single Franchisee unit to produce an artisanal gelato on a stick, daily made with genuine ingredients. A great tradition has been reinvented!

Thanks to its originality, this successful project spread and grew fast in the international market.

A great r-evolution of the gelato on a stick. Obviously 100% artisan!