Trailer equipped to sell gelato (on a stick and by the scoop)

STICKHOUSE branded trailer equipped with windows on all 4 sides: 2 large on the long sides to facilitate the sale, even with differentiated offers; 2 small on the short sides (one used also as main door).

Inside is equipped with displays to sell either gelato on a stick and SCOOP gelato (cones /cups). It is possible to include a batch freezer to ensure continuous production of gelato to support any need

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  • Batch freezer producing 15L/H (opzional)
  • Electricity: 220v/50Hz single phase
  • Power 5 kW
  • Size: cm 337 x 221 x 270h
  • Weight 12ql


  • 1 display cabinet (6 + 4 tubs 7,5 LT),
  • 1 display cabinet for gelato on a stick (120 pcs.),
  • 1 fridge for drinks,
  • 1 chocolate melter,
  • topping trays,
  • chest freezer to store extra gelato,
  • sink with water pump and tanks (clear/waste),
  • STICKHOUSE graphics


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