SCOOP CART 4 flavors

Movable unit PRODUCING and SELLING gelato by the scoop

Mobile unit with a strong appeal consisting of 4 batch freezers on sight producing and preserving a gelato as much fresh as just made.

Once the batch freezing procedure is completed, the gelato can be served to the customer by taking it directly from the batch freezer.

Management is very simple and does not require professional experience; the operator fills the batch freezer with STICKHOUSE mixes according to the recipe, selects the program and let the machine work to produce the gelato.

This CART is also equipped with a refrigerator compartment useful both for storing open ingredients and for any stocks.




  • Gelato production: 2,5lt/tank = 40lt/hour
  • Electricity: 220v/50Hz single phase
  • Power (max) 3,8 kW
  • Size: cm 150x 980 x 240h
  • Weight Kg. 350


  • Cart with 4 batch freezers and 4 spatulas
  • 1 refrigerator compartment with 1 shelf
  • 1 monitor for menus / notices
  • STICKHOUSE sunshade


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